About the company

Austfjarðaleið, the East Iceland Bus Company, is among the oldest, most established bus companies in Iceland. It was founded in 1962 by Sigfús Kristinsson, a man known in the East of Iceland for his witticism and vivid style of storytelling. When Sigfús retired, his sons took over the business and ran it until 1985, at which time Hlífar Þorsteinsson bought the company and has been running it ever since.

The company is based in Fjarðabyggð in East Iceland, and thus the drivers of Austfjardaleid often have to go over "Oddsskarð", one of Iceland's most infamous mountain roads, which lies up to 630 meters above sea level.

Austfjarðaleið values the importance of keeping it's cars in good shape, and takes every measure to ensure the safety and convenience of passengers.

Óseyri 1 / 730 Reyðarfjörður / tel +354-477-1713 / fax +354-477-1710 /