MR 855

Mercedes Benz Actros 1848 / Jonckheere, 45 passengers

This luxurious new bus aqcuired in 2002, is suitable for the highlands as well as the highways.
It features luxurious reclining seats with approved three point seatbelts, armrests, footrests and lateral shifting for extra space. It has all the in-bus entertainment you'll ever need, including a radio, a cassette player, a 10 CD CD player, a sound system, a television and a VTR.

The bus systems are controlled by the advanced Mercedes Benx trademarked Telligent computer system, and it is powered by a 480HP V8 engine that complies with the latest clean emission requirements in the Euro 3 standard. Disc brakes and a pneumatic suspension ensure maximum safety and comfort while travelling.

In-bus mobile phone: 638-1715

MR 855 1
This picture shows the bus in regular position, perfect for the highways.

MR 855 6
In this picture, the bus body has been lifted up to better suit driving on difficult roads or even off roads.

Mr 855 - bak breytt
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